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a one-and-a-half years after suburban shooting, the new episode of Inside Ethiopia is now ready and released.

Episode 4 of Inside Ethiopia is officially part of second Season of the series. It's the first episode of this series that will be released with VoiceOver. For this we were able to secure the services of Mrs. Bianca Arndt.

Episode 4 takes us from Addis Ababa to the north-east of Ethiopia, to the monastery of Debre Libanos and the nearby Protuguesse Bridge. Two places of historical significance for the Christian-influenced Ethiopia.
Our journey takes us along the Jemma River Valley, which is one of the tributaries of the Blue Nile.

For the first time we use a large area of ​​filters and image enhancement technology to make the recordings usable for 60fps HD production. This was very expensive, but was worth it. So we were able to bring the material, which was shot in 30fps HD and on older camera technology, very close to the current production quality.

We have also revised the opening credit for you and added new sequences. The title song continues to be sung by Jose Konda and is called "Bolingo Na Yo Nkolo", of which we will hear a bit more this time around.

The background music was completely sourced from the Creative Commons portal Jamendo Music. On our Jamendo profile all used songs are publicly deposited in the playlist "In Projekten verwendet".

Here are some production details.

Episode title: Debre Libanos
Length: 21 minutes
Language: English
Speaker: Bianca Arndt
Subtitles: German, English
Production: 2017
Recording Quality: High Definition (1080p 30fps)
Postproduction: 2018
Production Quality: High Definition (1080p 60fps)
Production Partner (non-profit): African Television Movie: Ethiopia
Showrunners: Sven Nemeth, Azeb Tesfay, Jennifer Star

Have fun watching the episode and thank you for your support.

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