Dear readers,

Since 2017 the number social media networks we are active is grown up to 13 channels. As these channels need a high administrative effort, partly are not cross-platform compatible, we have decided to close four channels until the end of February 2021. These channels will be our accounts and groups at MeWe, Mastodon, Ello and Snapchat. As Ello and Snapchat have been placeholder accounts only, we do not expect an impact of the lose of these channels. The closing of the MeWe and Mastodon accounts will have an impact of around 7-10 percent decrease in the number of followers above all social media channels. This is an decrease we accept in order to reduce administrative efforts. With the beginning of March these channels will be the last time noted in our social media overview. By April 2021, we will continue with 9 social media channels only.

Twitter announced that it will close it's Persicope live broadcasting platform as these features are not directly integrated into Twitter itself. We going to close our Persicope Account as well End of January.

Closing time table:

- With effectivity of January 3rd 2021 we closed already our groups on MeWe.
- With effectivity of January 10th 2021 we closed our accounts on Ello and Snapchat.
- With effectivity of January 10th 2021 we closed our account on Periscope.
- With effectivity of January 14th 2021 we closed our account on Mastodon.
- MeWe Account

We happy to welcome you on our other social media accounts again.

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