Dear readers,

this summer our first big Asian production will be published. It's named Krung Thep and the project page as well as the first trailer are now online on our website.

Currently we finalizing the voice over scripts and preparing the final cut of our Bangkok documentary. The movie will be around 30 minutes long and was filmed in September 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

We happy to win Bianca Arndt as voice over speaker for this documentary. We also want to thank our both on location consultants in Thailand. Both have supported our production very well.

Krung Thep will be accompanied by wonderful Asian Creative Commons music.

In this production we are offering so call PiP-promotions for the publication on YouTube, as well as for trailers and BTS material on Instagram, Facebook, MeWe and Mastodon. You can still book promotion space. Leave us an email under

Krung Thep will be published first on our website and 5 days later on YouTube as well as on Vero - True Social.

We hope we can welcome you in Krung Thep this summer!

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