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after we already announced in November that we will test advertising on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we decided in January to use more marketing and advertising. As a result, we will invest in advertising on the three platforms mentioned above and will also offer advertising space ourselves.

Advertising on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

With the launching of our Facebook page, which was necessary to be able to promote on Instagram, and the Twitter advertising tests, we have now decided to advertise future productions on these three platforms for a limited time to increase the visibility of our productions and our social media presence.

Buy advertising space from us

To cover our production and infrastructure costs better, we have decided to sell advertising space as well. Thereby, we rely on one-off prices per spot per episode for the lifetime of the release of the episode. It will also be possible to be the only sponsor of an episode. It was important to us that the website and our Vero Channel remain free of advertising. Therefore the advertising will only be played on YouTube.

To avoid annoying interruptions we have decided to use the so-called PiP (Picture in Picture) advertising. In this case an advertising banner is drawn over a part of the running episode. Each spot is displayed for a maximum of 15 seconds. Besides the PiP advertising we also offer promotion posts on Instagram at one-off prices.

In principle, any institution, business or private person is free to request advertising space from us. We will take a close look at each request ourselves and decide whether we want to do business. We also welcome educational institutions, because our documentations also have the claim to educate people. We are looking forward to national and international advertising partners.

Prices will of course be made available to all inquirers. Please send inquiries by E-Mail.
We would like to emphasize that each service we provide is announced in a proper invoice for payment. European customers can pay invoices by bank transfer. Non EU customers have the possibility to pay via PayPal.

Due to tax guidelines, all invoices are issued in Euro. Both the price list and the invoice will also have the invoice amount in US dollars, South African Rand and Thai Bhat. This means that international customers can also pay in these currencies. The exchange rates are regularly updated by us on the basis of the announcements of the European Central Bank.

We look forward to your inquiries and to do business with you.

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