Dear Readers,

on our many journeys we have not only got to know beautiful places, people and cultures, taken pictures and presented them on our website and social media channels.

In the meantime we have collected many pictures and also videos which we could not use immediately. Among them a lot of material of wonderful looking and tasting food.

In order to bring you closer to these dishes, we have created the new picture series "Picture the Food". In this series we present different dishes from many countries and explain what they are.

Like #RightNow, Picture the Food will first be exclusively available on our social media channel at Vero and a few days later on our webgallery. New episodes will be released on a Monday and will go online in the webgallery on weekends.

We hope you'll enjoy this series and maybe you'll feel like trying some of the dishes yourselves.

See you soon,
Your Nemeth/Star Productions News Blog

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