Dear Readers,

after 8 years we have given ourselves a new, more vibrant design. The beautiful, but also dark sunshine mixed with many international locations is now wiped away with a light, bluish design.

The new wallpaper is now composed on the skylines of Johannesburg and Frankfurt am Main, gets a sea touch from Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth in South Africa and the island Ko Si Chang in Thailand.

These pictures are respesenting the 3 countients which are the filming locations of our Original Productions.

On Top of the background you will see our siluets and the letters of "Nemeth/Star Productions".



The new corporate identity reflects the enthusiasm that all three of us use in our free time to provide you with good entertainment and knowledge. The corporate identity is now online on all our social media channels. Our website has also been color adjusted to give it a new lively touch. We have also expanded our slogan to: "non-profit Film, Written and Picture Productions" followed by our motto: "Go off mainstream, feel places real".

Then we fulfilled our legal obligations in Europe and implemented a GDPR compliant cookie banner, where you can decide for yourself if we track your visits or not. We have also updated our privacy policy.

We also made some changes to the Transparency page, revised the Social Media statistics and updated the overview page listing all social media channels, the site map and the map with our "filming and production sites".

We also put the page online for a new photo series called "Picture the Food". Here we sporadically present photos of food from all over the world and explain what it is. Picture the Food will first be published on Vero - True Social and later added to our webgallery.

We hope you also like our new design. Please let us know on our social media channels.

Until then,

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