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From the end of September until the beginning of October 2019 we travelled the long way to Thailand to film its capital Bangkok and the island Ko Si Chang. The places where we filmed were varied and we were led by a local sibling couple to interesting places across the city, on the water, in temples, on mountains and high up in the clouds. At the same time, traditional transport like the TukTuk could not be missing.

In the end we created more than 30GB of film and picture material, which we will select in the next step to produce an episode about Bangkok.

Many pictures you already saw on our #RightNow series. There will be more video clips soon.

We will quickly start with post production and hope to release an episode about Bangkok in the first half of 2020. If the material is enough to make a separate episode about the island Ko Si Chang, is something we will have to find out. But there's also another project we're working on, where we're planning to introduce several locations in one episode. Exactly the places where we didn't get enough material together to make an independent production out of it. We are also planning this for 2020.

Our production in Bangkok mostly took place in the afternoon, evening and night, because at those times there were the most pleasant temperatures and the city is alive. However, we could not see all the places we would have liked to see. Therefore a success of the Bangkok episode would also mean that we would return to Bangkok again to film these places for a second episode.

We will keep you informed about the post production and the release of the Bangkok episode.

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