Dear Readers,

Today I am happy to announce that we are finally able to offer official offers for an online cooperation. In the last months we have already negotiated with some people and started one or the other small cooperation.

Now we want to make the process transparent and offer different cooperation packages. These packages also follow the non-profit idea. I.e. there are no financial prospects for any side. But we offer, as we think, something more valuable in the online world. Namely among other things the mutual sharing of contents on Social Media channels.

In this context we have put together 3 packages that we can offer you for cooperation.

Here is a short list of the packages:

Package 1 (Project based collaboration (project pages only))
Package 2 (Project based collaboration (social media only))
Package 3 (Productions for you)
We place your link in a block on the right side of a project page. We post your choosen link with blurb on our social media channels on Vero - True Social, Twitter & MeWe once a month We are doing a short video productions for you (Between 1 and 5 minutes)
The link must be realated to the topic of the project The link must be realated to the topic of the project, we selected before You provide the video and audio materials if it is possible for you
In return we provide you a blurb and link of our project page to share it on social media In return you post the link with blurb to our project page or episode on our YouTube Channel on your three strongest social media channels once a month In return you have to regulary share links to our YouTube videos on your social media channels and mention our social media channels in the post.
More conditions on the website More conditions on the website More conditions on the website

We have all conditions for a cooperation on our website in the area "More..." -> Collaboration" and are available for inquiries at any time. You can send inquiries to collaboration (at)

I am looking forward to your inquiries and hopefully successful and long cooperations.

Until then,

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