Dear Readers,

since we started 11 months ago with our picture event series #RightNow, galleries for every event have been published with the help of the so-called Twitter Moments.

We have used this platform, which Twitter makes available to its users, because it seemed too expensive for us to build our own picture gallery on our website.
But we weren't idle either and always had alternatives in mind. Recently we decided for the open source tool Piwigo, which can be installed like a blog software on a subdomain.

Since this week our gallery website is available at .

Meanwhile we have published all #RightNow events as a gallery.
In addition there is an album with all wallpapers to our series. Later there will also be pictures of the production places.

We said goodbye to Twitter Moments and now host the galleries ourselves. In the course of the next days and weeks we will advertise the galleries separately on our social media channels.

We hope you also like our picture galleries on an independent platform.

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