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in February we stayed 2 1/2 weeks in South Africa to shoot a new documentary and at the same time put some special episodes of #RightNow online.

As with all #RightNow Picture events, we posted exclusively on Twitter and Vero and then linked a Twitter moment with all the pictures on our website and shared it on our social media channels.

We are overwhelmed by the likes and comments of all 8 #RightNow editions.

We'd like to publish a short list of the numbers, as of February 13, 2019.

#RightNow Souht Africa Events


  Rosebank: The Zone Nelson Mandela Square Parktown + Constitution Hill Hatfild Cradle of Humankind PE: Beach PE: SAAF Museum PE: Sardinia Bay
Vero: 48 50 74 49 101 47 50 64
Twitter: 19 21 14 11 17 6 5 7
Gesamt: 67 71 88 60 118 53 55 71


Rank Edition Result
1 Cradle of Humankind 118
2 Parktown + Constitution Hill 88
3 Nelson Mandela Square 71
4 PE: Sardinia Bay 71
5 Rosebank: The Zone 67
6 Hatfild 60
7 PE: SAAF Museum 55
8 PE: Beach 53

For the first time we also used Periscope to post some live videos on our Twitter channel. It won't be the last time we use Periscope to share live content.

We are also very pleased with the exclusive video content for our connected users at Vero.

We hope you continue to follow us and we can continue to deliver interesting content for you.

Best regards,
Nemeth/Star Productions News Blog


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