Hello dear readers,

It's a new year and we looked at and analyzed the follower numbers on our social media channels. Let's start:



We are overjoyed with the development of Follower and Connector numbers at Vero. We are now stable over 200 followers and currently have 70 direct connections with members. This makes Vero our strongest social network, with 277 total followers. Not only that, Vero's follower numbers for the first time accounted for more than 50% of our total follow-up figure at the turn of the year. This is really great and confirms our strategy on Vero, which we will continue in the future.



MeWe is a social network that has been around for quite some time and that currently has more of a niche existence. However, it has now received some inflow due to changes in Tumblr. We decided to stop by and are positively surprised. The follower number is already double digits and the user interface makes a tidy impression. We are curious how this will evolve.



In LinkedIN, we created a company page during the last year. Low follower numbers are one thing, but the simple inability of LinkedIN to enable posts on company pages via the mobile app is the other reason why LinkedIN is unconfortably. Therefore, we have decided to keep the site, but no more updates to publish there. The last post refers to our channels at Vero, Twitter, Telegram, Mastodon, MeWe and YouTube to get the latest updates.



Ello, also a social network for the niche, has caused the same problem for us that we already had on MySpace. SPAM and porn profiles where every we look among the followers. We watched the game over a 3/4 year on MySpace and here we will stop it immediately. Therefore, we have decided to keep the account, but not to publish updates anymore. The latest post also links to our channels on Vero, Twitter, Telegram, Mastodon, MeWe and YouTube for updates.


New strategy

The new social media strategy is new in way that we will no longer serve more consistent social media channels if their percentage of total followers is less than one percent and the followers of the channel are single-digit. One exception is YouTube, as it is another distribution channel for our productions. The channel will therefore continue to exist regardless of the number of subscribers.

It remains the strategy to start no official channels on services of the Facebook Group. Even if they would promise great follower numbers. This is about the principle that we want to send small social networks our support through our accounts. In the future, we will not be officially represented on Facebook and not at all on Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Co. We refuse to support the business practices of a Mark Zuckerberg by supporting them with an account on social networks of the Facebook Group.

In 2019, we will continue to focus on the three most popular channels in our list and pushing MeWe to grow our numbers there.

We hope to welcome you again on our social media channels or welcome you as new followers.


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