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Hello dear readers,

In December we did the work and revised another original writings from 2004 for you and put them online on December 23rd and December 31st.

This time we chose a miniseries as special. Captured! A mini-series about a young reporter who comes to Broken Bow, a small town in the US state of Nebraska, to investigate stories of alien kidnappings. But he quickly gets into a situation that demands everything from him and turns his previously fallen victim on its head.

The miniseries consists of 4 episodes and tells a mini-series typically (almost) completed plot to continue with the potency in a sequential series.

Like all original writings, this is also available on our website. Also, the series can be accessed directly via the subdomain http://captured-miniseries.nemethstarproductions.de or the short link https://tharp.de/nestarcapmin.

The miniseries is originally written in German. But Captured is one of the first original writings that we also provide in English with the help of Google Translate.

Also new is that we have now inserted a small OpenStreetMap maps at the top left, below the menu bar. This map shows the locations of the miniseries.


Here are the episodes list of titles and release dates:

Episode title (German) Episode title (English) Original Writing date Publishing date
Das Dunkel im Licht Darklight December 6th 2004 December 23rd 2018
Entführt Hunted December 9th 2004 December 23rd 2018
Die Schmiere Proving Ground December 13th 2004 December 31st 2018
Wir sind alle gefangen Captured December 16th 2004 December 31st 2018


We hope you enjoy reading.

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