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Maybe some of you have been waiting for when our original writing "Vanishing Point" will finally continue.

After Cliffhanger's first season finale as Tim Hanson realized his Jane was still alive and the healing remedy for the flu virus was destroyed, Season 1's 1 episode starts right where we left off.

Reunion & Reproach is the name of the first episode, paving the way for the series' new end-to-end storyline. In the 10 episodes of season two, mysterious things happen in the Australian desert and new secrets are created and revealed.

With Season 1 featuring more or less complete episodes, Season 2 will establish a complete storyline that includes the secrets of the desert, the flu virus, the Aboriginal, the surviving humans, and a sinister power. Many new characters are introduced, some known ones will leave us.

As a result, we will experience more cliffhangers.

Why do we tell you the episode list already?

Well, the episode titles are chosen so that you do not reveal much about the fate of each character, but still give a first glimpse into the new mythology of the series. Therefore, we wish you a lot of fun with the preliminary puzzle, what it has the episodic titles so upright.

Fluchtpunkt - Episodes List Season 2
Episode No. (Gesamt) Episode No. (Season) Episode titel
11 1 Wiedersehen & Widersehen - Teil 2
12 2 Durchgedreht
13 3 Die Vergangenheit
14 4 Das Geheimnis des Lebens
15 5 Auf Messers Schneide
16 6 Winter - Teil 1
17 7 Überleben - Teil 2
18 8 Das Geheimnis des Waldes
19 9 Finale Destination
20 10 Wenn du kannst, dann lauf...

Release rhythm

How are the new episodes published? First, like the first 10 episodes, namely exclusive on our website. There you will find your vanishing point under the overview of the "Original Writings" or directly on the start page at the "Fresh Originals".

Alternative distracts you the subdomain or the short link for social media directly on the project page of Vanishing Point, where you can start reading directly.

Like all Original Writings, Vanishing Point is a production that will only be released in German at first.

We started to experiment with an English translation using Google translate As we saw last time in the first season, which we have already translated. We are still not completely sure about the quality of the translation and whether the story will be translated correctly by the automatic translation, although this has improved enormously in recent months.

The episodes will always appear after weekly planning. However, it may be that sometimes several episodes are published simultaneously.

And the date?

Yes, that's January 20, 2019 during the afternoon.

We look forward to delivering you new episodes and hope for your interest.

Until then,
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