Hello dear readers,

we have decided to open our blog sometimes per year for guest writers.

We have used the chance of the Vero advent calendar challenge to open our blog and to offer different people to publish a guest article in our blog.

We have chosen some topic from where our guest writers can choose from. These topics are:

- entertainment
- christmas
- fashion
- games
- travel
- love
- life
- family
- influencers and their lifes
- growing up as a teenager in the modern world
- house animals
- your life story
- pregnancy
- climate change
- Humans in Space
- My dog and Me
- How i see the world

Day by Day we will publish one of these topics on Vero to give our followers the offer to write a guest article on our blog. We accepting two guest writers per topic. A guest writer can also write about one or more topics in separated articles.

All guest writers are free to write about their topic. The article should be in English language to reach the highest weight of people.

We only set one restriction. The article should not harm, insult or deformate people and/or ethnic groups.

All guest writers have the chance to communicate with us directly about Vero and can submit their article via Vero direct message or via email to us.

We will take a look over the article and publish it on our blog. The publishing will be during January and February. Articles should be submitted until December 31st 2018 or in the first week of January 2019.

We welcome everyone to attent our offer and wish you and use a great work together.

Have a great pre-christmas time :-)

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