---English Text -translate with Google Translate--- Hello dear readers, One of our first non-public productions from 2011 and 2012, at that time under the name Nemeth / Star Corp., has now also found its way onto our website. The Inside A Volunteer Year in South Africa series, which features a year in South Africa in 20 episodes, has already received some Public Edition episodes on our YouTube. Public Edition because the production was originally developed for private use. The three published Public Edition episodes are each a compilation of the first 9 episodes of the first season and are also linked accordingly on this project page. In addition, the episodes list with the respective release dates of the original 20 episodes can be found. It is not planned to publish further public editions of this project. For this purpose, new productions are created from our house, which deal with South Africa. Including 2 episodes from the series CitySpeedView. In the late summer of 2019, a documentary about Johannesburg is also planned. We hope you will like the 3 Public Edition episodes. We'd like to point out that this does not yet meet our current requirements for Creative Commons content and will therefore only be available on YouTube. It may also be there that the videos are blocked in some countries. We ask you to use a VPN service of your choice to bypass the ban on YouTube set by YouTube. Your, Nemeth / Star Productions News Blog --------

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