Hello dear readers, After a few weeks' reflection, we decided to delete our profile on MySpace and thus no longer be active in this social network. MySpace was one of the pioneers of social networking as we know it today. A lack of adaptation to modern times, e.g. However, MySpace has never delivered an app to post updates faster. We also noticed in recent weeks, the massively increased number of fake and pornographic profiles that followed us. They made up almost 99% of the followers last. Here and there an erotic picture or video is one thing, but a flood of it can and does not want us to be right. Especially since we believe that the sheer number will not bring and bring benefits for us. That's why we decided to leave MySpace. The links on our website will be removed in the next few days. The profile itself does not exist anymore. All our other social media appearances persist. Your, Nemeth/Star Productions News Blog

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