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Hello dear readers,

soon the time has come and our new project SPACE-FRIDAY is launched. Fittingly have now released the project page for you, where you can already throw a first impression of the first season of this series. The first season will feature 5 episodes that will be released weekly (Fridays) and will each be 8-12 minutes long.

The voiceover to this series is again spoken by Mrs. Bianca Arndt.


In the SPACE-FRIDAY series, we will go into space for the first time and bring you closer to ESA, NASA, DLR and ESO projects. For this we searched the online libraries of all four to find suitable material that is under Creative Commons license or public domain. With the knowledge of these four media libraries, Wikipedia, Creative Commons music and the voice of Mrs. Arndt, we have found a nice mix for this space adventure.

Our series begins with a journey through our solar system and then deals with European space travel. There's a look into a slightly older NASA Mars project, and the season ends with NASA's and NASA's amazing new scientific achievements.


In addition to our website, the SPACE-FRIDAY project can also be accessed directly via its own domain.

The domain http://spacefriday.de will now be redirected directly to the project page of "SPACE-FRIDAY Series".

Of course, the episodes will also be uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

As a first taste, we have released the opening with. The first season will follow from mid / end of January 2019.

We hope you enjoy the SPACE-FRIDAY series and hope for your feedback to make this series successful in the future.

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