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it's finally time. Our new production SPACE-FRIDAY starts today at 8 p.m. and will go online on our website every week or 2 weekly rhythms on Friday evening. In the course of the Sunday the online position on our YouTube channel will follow.

We did a lot of work to fish creative commons and public domain material, video and photo, from the archives of NASA, ESA, DLR and ESO and to prepare it for our production. Together with the voice of Mrs. Bianca Arndt we have created, we believe, an informative program about past, present and future space themes.

SPACE-FRIDAY Series official Wallpaper

Under the hood we have worked on the scripts and for this we thank especially our colleague Mrs. Moabelo, who will be more involved in this and future projects. Mrs. Moabelo will be promoted to the producer squad.

The scripts, which can be very complex even with the basic topic of space research, we have given our best to make the connections as understandable as possible. I hope we succeeded.


The SPACE-FRIDAY series was produced in Full HD with 60fps and is available in 3 quality levels on our website.

1. Full HD 60fps for all new devices with Full HD+4k 60fps support

2. Full HD 30fps for older devices with Full HD support

3. SD 30fps for slow and mobile Internet connections and devices without FullHD support


All episodes will also be available in the respective quality for download on our website.

The episodes of the 1st season will have a length of 8-13 minutes and are therefore perfect for exclusive consumption in short periods of time.

Like all our film productions, this one will also be released in English. Subtitles will be available in English and German.


Enclosed we also publish the episode list including the titles.

Episode No. (complete) Episode No. (Season) Episode titel
1 1 The Solar System
2 2 European Space Projects
3 3 Phoenix & Mars
4 4 The Rosetta Mission
5 5 Pluto

We are very happy to bring you closer to the topic space and its exploration. It is a heart project for us to do this. We firmly believe that the future of mankind lies in space and that this topic should concern every person on the planet. We hope that through this series more people will become aware of space and its exploration and devote themselves to the topic. Each of us can do great things!

Until then we wish you a lot of fun with the SPACE-FRIDAY series.
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